East Africa Fight against Devastating Locust swarms hampered by COVID-19

East Africa has been fighting a massive locust swarm for weeks but now experts warn it could be made worse due to coronavirus.

CNN’s David McKenzie reported that, while various countries are busily and seriously fighting Coronavirus, East Africa and some provinces are fighting massive locust swarms and deadly COVID-19 disease respectively(both).

The pandemic disease(covid-19) has hampered a devastating locust swarms which might lead to economic crisis in long run if care is not taken.

According to the reporter, people living around and close to the swarms are complaining bitterly because it has started causing havoc already.That is, more death than Coronavirus.

He further added that, the devastating locust swarms is as a result of COVID-19 disease in the sense that, its attention has been seeked by the state over the locust swarms.


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