Get to know more about Ghentle(The Versatile Artist)

Daniel Ahoto Asare, known popularly and professionally as Ghentle is a Ghanaian Musician(Versatile Artist) who was raised in the streets of Tema.

His contributions to the Ghanaian music industry has made him famous, including recognition in the music industry for years.

He was announced as signee under Don Icons Record Label since he started his music career.

Ghentle’s dream in the music industry is to be one day announce or nominate as BET Awards, Grammy Awards and other recognize Awards.

Early life and career beginnings

Ghentle was born on 5th of April at Akwamufie, a native of Mafi Adidome in Volta Region of Ghana.

As made mentioned earlier, Gentle was raised in Tema(Community 9 to be precise).

He attended Akuse Methodist Senior High and Technical School.

More so, he attended basic school at Akosombo and with emphasis to real life, Ghentle is a street Guy.


Impressed by his music genre, made Don Icons Record Label to sign him.

Ghentle has always been a good musician and very humble to everyone he work with, being his Producer, manager, Brands and his lovely fans.


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