Top 5 Nutritious fruits that keeps the body healthy everyday

Fruits are always healthy and nutritious. Below are top 5 fruits to boost and strengthen your immune system.

 5  Bananas

Banana is one of the healthiest and nutritious fruit filled with vitamin B, low in protein and free of fats but high in energy.

4  Watermelon

Watermelon is packed with some of the most relevant antioxidants found in nature, it is ranked more valuable than other fruit.

3  Grapes

This particular fruit were made into wine in the Bible. According to Ong, grapes contain important ingredients such as Tannis, Flavonoid and Anthocyanius. Feel free every day to strengthen up with grapes juice.


 2  Apples

High in both solution and insoluble fiber, and also low-caloric snack. Nutrition experts claims ones large apple has around 130 calories and none come from fat.

1  Strawberries

“Strawberries are excellent source of vitamin C” said by Toronto-based registered dietitian Madeleine Edwards.

Nutritionist said strawberries are backed with vitamin B2, B2 and K, copper, magnesium and folate (a key ingredient in manufacturing of red blood cells).


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