Virtual distance learning is not the best temporal measures for our students learning- Gyimah Write

Hm! is virtual learning the best temporal way of addressing our students learning?I am not of the view that virtual learning will not help engage some students to have meaningful time spent than been idle at home.Virtual learning may even help students to acquire different learning strategies as they encounter different tutors with various teaching techniques. However, what we must understand is that teaching is dynamic as well as learning. In the process of teaching, there are many occasions that a Teacher may have to make some reflections to address his students’ needs based on their learning feedback.This means that learning needs of students differ while good Teachers should plan to accommodate his students needs to have a successful lesson.Accordingly, for this virtual learning, the questions most people ask are; how are the students learning needs being identified and what will the Teacher based on for a successful lesson remarked?One may also wonder which form of assessment will be used to monitor students performance? And how actively are students going to be involved in such lesson? In as much as we need temporal means of addressing students learning, it should be effective and efficient for positive outcomes and should also affect all levels of socio-economic class of people within the country.Clearly, one would understand that this virtual learning is just an intervention for specific class of people “the have class” whose children will actively enjoy the lesson since they have resources to make live contributions and questions in the learning process whiles it denies the majority “the have not” whose by their geographical location do not have electricity, poor reception for clear TV tuning and those who do not have this gadgets at all.With these challenges, I think the so called distance or virtual learning cannot be an effective and efficient remedy for our children learning as the country’s initiative.I would like to suggest that the Ministry of Education should consider running “double or triple track” system for all public and private basic schools in the country. This will help to have delimited class size for reasonable spaces for effective and efficient learning.Also, our health protocols should not be disregarded. Teachers should be encouraged to strictly supervise the observance of these health precautions. This cold be for short term measures as the world prays for cure of the unwelcomed novel COVID-19 which has prolonged than expected.Again, various schools in the country should access and redefine in terms of structural building and class size management. We should therefore, note that a delay in school reopening means an increase in teenage pregnancies and other social unrest in our societies.Without making a haste, this is what I speak for, and my humble opinion concerning virtual(distance) learning.Nana Gyima Write:B. A. Geography(Education)
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