Watch Video: 24 Years Old Drug Addict and a Prostitute narrates her tragic story

24 years old young beautiful lady with a nowhere identify narrated her sad story on ‘weed’ smoking and prostitution.

According to a video sighted by, the young beautiful lady grew up on the street in her entire life smoking marijuana(wee) and a sex worker, popularly known as Prostitution.

Pertaining to the Vloger’s interview, he spoke with the young lady severally without her noticing they have ever had talk before. This is the power of marijuana and addiction to social vices.

He further questioned her on how, why and when she started the act;

“I started enjoy life when I was a kid, by staying with my father. Everything I needed from him, he never hesitated to give. I end up falling for a guy, I falled deeply without realizing that he will break my heart. I end up on the street with bad intentions, stress and anxiety.”

The way and manner this young lady was over reacting shows the power of marijuana.

Indeed it is a tragedy.

Watch full video below;


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